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Renovate12Two is the product of God’s calling, Dale and Helen’s obedience and passion for helping others, an abundance of prayer, and support from family and friends. Dale is extremely excited to see what God will accomplish through this ministry, and he invites you to connect via email, phone or social media.

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Dale Mason has been using God’s transformative Word to renovate lives and shape spiritual leaders for more than 20 years.


Equipped with a passion and talent for communicating the life-changing blueprint of the Bible, Dale has served as a youth pastor, guest college lecturer, vision casting board member, as well as revival and youth camp speaker all over the U.S. and in Guatemala. By fostering genuine relationships centered on God’s Word, Dale has guided many students and adults to more fervently and practically pursue God-glorifying lives.


His passion has its beginnings in his days as a defiant and party-dazed high school student and small-town athlete in Baird, Texas. Disillusioned with the effort it took to be a follower of Christ and not wanting to leave behind a life of indulgence, Dale spent his high school years in a rebellious sprint from God’s pursuit. But after a particularly low point during his senior year, Dale found it impossible to continue running. With his affections and attention finally captured by God, Dale decided that to follow Jesus was more worthy and enjoyable than anything else.


Dale was working in construction in 1998 when the Lord called him to stop transforming buildings and start transforming lives with His Word. Since then, Dale and his wife have honored that call to vocational ministry by purposefully investing in the individuals of their communities and churches. Dale graduated Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in religion and was ordained into pastoral ministry in 2007.


Currently, Dale is pursuing his Masters of Arts in theological studies from Liberty University as well as working on his Professional Certified Coach credential with the International Coaching Federation. He lives in Saginaw, Texas, with his beautiful and loving wife Helen. They have two children—James and Jaima—who are eagerly pursuing the Lord in their young careers, and a dog named Kiwi.

Dale At A Glance:

  • 20+ years as a youth pastor

  • Loves traveling with his wife

  • Texas Barbecue and Tex Mex are his favorite food groups

  • Guest lecturer, Liberty University

  • Believes there's a huge difference in showing up and "pressing play," versus showing up and organically interacting with people

  • Guest, revival,  youth camp, and D-Now speaker 

  • Bachelor of Science in religion, Liberty University

  • Master of Arts in theological studies, Liberty University, May 2020

  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation  (In Progress)


​What People are Saying...


Mike Denny – Youth Pastor, Rocky Hock Baptist Church, Edenton, NC

  • "Dale is so unselfish with his time and abilities when helping others excel in ministry. He has a great desire to see others succeed. I would tell any of my friends who need a boost in developing their leadership team or furthering their own leadership, to consider tapping into the knowledge and experiences Dale has to offer."

Kyle Gray – Camp Director, Word of Life Florida, Hudson, Florida

  • "Dale will communicate the word with excellence and passion. He will come alongside of you and minister. He will seek not to just take the stage but to minister off the platform as well. He speaks the truth without shame or fear. He does it in a way that draws the hearer to Christ."

Brandie West – Youth Director, Burton Hill Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX

  • "I know from personal experience that Dale is one of the most willing individuals to help you when you need it! He has always talked to me when I had a question or problem. He's always returned calls and made it a point to keep in contact when he hasn't heard from me in a while."

Dr. Brack Buckles – Youth Pastor, First Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX

  • "Dale has spoken at our Disciple Now and he was instrumental in helping First Baptist Church of Fort Worth in planning and participating in our Summer Camp. He has worked to form Student Pastor networks so that they can meet together regularly for event planning, encouragement, and prayer. He has the wisdom and understanding to see the importance of networking to encourage others."

Steven von Stein – Worship Pastor, Northridge Church, Haines City, FL

  • "You'll be hard-pressed to find someone as encouraging and faithful as Dale. He is very committed to his friendships and relationships. Dale will be a trustworthy companion, bringing wisdom and strength from his many years of service in full-time ministry."

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